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A huge selection of quality flooring at affordable prices, fresh and up to date designs to upgrade your property.

10 year warranty on all products and fitting to put your mind at ease so that you can enjoy your new flooring for years to come.


LIberty Heathers - Cream

Liberty Heather Beige Carpet

Liberty Heathers - Beige

Liberty Heather carpet Brown

Liberty Heathers - Brown

Beige carpet Felt Back

Belton Felt Back - cream

Belton Felt Back carpet light Grey

Belton Felt Back - Light Grey

Felt Back carpet Ebony Black

Belton Felt Back - ebony black


Magnali 96 – Presto pattern

Sagress 599 – Presto pattern

Alaska 581 – Presto wood

Aspin 832 – Presto wood

Chianti 594 – Presto Wood

Sintra 586 – Presto wood

Sorbonne 594 – Presto wood

Cameo 969 m – presto wood

Hungarian oak 990 d – Roma wood

Hugarian oak 971 m – Roma Wood

Luxury Vinyl Flooring 1

Luxury Vinyl Flooring 2

Luxury Vinyl Flooring 3

Luxury Vinyl Flooring 4

Luxury Vinyl Flooring 5

Luxury Vinyl Flooring 6

Luxury Vinyl Flooring 7

Luxury Vinyl Flooring 8

Luxury Vinyl Flooring 9


Atlas Oak – 8mm

Dartmoor Oak – 8mm

Tomahawk Oak – 8mm

Millennium Oak – 8 mm

Century Oak – 7 mm

English Oak – 6mm

herringbone 1

herringbone 2

herringbone 3

herringbone 4

herringbone 5

herringbone 6

herringbone 7

herringbone 8

herringbone 9


Jingclor The Gaming Life Area Rugs - Black

Modern Style Rug WAVES Design - Black Grey Charcoal

Modern Style Rug WAVES

Super Soft FLUFFY - Grey and black

Super Soft FLUFFY Yellow

Super Soft FLUFFY Shaggy Pin

Super Soft FLUFFY - Grey and black

Super Soft FLUFFY Rug Grey

3d geometric print fluffy rug

modern wave pattern carpet floor rugs

Gradient color fluffy area rug coffee Living Room Carpet Hallway Mat - 200x250cm

Super Soft Large Faux Rabbit Fur Rug Shag Carpet - Pink

Large Black Non-Slip Shaggy Plain Floor Mat Soft Plush Area Rug - 80x160CM

Artificial Grass

Reedsville 17 mm AG

Budget AG 4 mm

Grasshopper 19  mm AG

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